Dairy Farmers of Manitoba

Our Commitments

Animal care

Manitoba dairy farmers are committed to meeting high standards of care for their animals. Dairy Farmers of Canada has published a new Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Dairy Cattle in 2009. This code not only provides useful guidelines to dairy farmers to improve animal care, but also has requirements based on scientific research. Dairy farmers across Canada are expected to follow the code.

Milk quality and safety

Dairy Farmers of Manitoba is committed to providing consumers with milk that’s produced according to the highest standards of quality. Through its subsidiary company, Horizon Lab Ltd., every load of milk in the province is tested for quality. In addition, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba has implemented the Canadian Quality Milk (CQM) program to ensure food safety for Canadian consumers.

All milk produced on Canadian farms is tested for antibiotic residues at its arrival at the processing plant. Any milk that tests positive for antibiotic residues is properly discarded, not sold to the public. Also, rBST, a growth hormone for dairy cows, is not approved for sale in Canada.


Environmentally-friendly practices are key to ensuring the sustainable future of Canadian dairy farms. Dairy farmers work on their farms every single day, so it’s important to protect the land, water, and air for their families, the surrounding community, and future generations.


Dairy Farmers of Manitoba donates approximately 300,000 litres of milk annually to Winnipeg Harvest for food banks throughout the province. The milk is processed and packaged in one-litre cartons of milk and also used to make cheese for the food banks. Manitoba dairy farmers have been donating milk to Winnipeg Harvest for the past 22 years.

Since 1997, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba’s charity golf tournament has raised over $350,000 for paediatric research and dairy science education. Of the total raised each year, $5,000 is donated to the University of Manitoba dairy science bursary fund, with the remaining funds donated to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba.