Dairy Farmers of Manitoba

A Dairy Story

Nestled between Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Hudson Bay is the beautiful Canadian prairie province of Manitoba. This agriculturally rich farming region is home to approximately 306 family-owned and run dairy farms that collectively produce more than 890,000 litres of milk every day.

The Friesen Family:
Representing Manitoba’s Dairy Best in the land of milk and honey

Ed and Kathy Friesen own and run Friecrest Holsteins Ltd, a 16 year-old farm in Kleefeld, Friesen Family Photo - resizedManitoba ‘the land of milk and honey’. Every member of the family has a role to play in this fully-fledged dairy farm. With 5am starts and 10:30pm ends, 75-80 cows and 75,000 liters of milk produced a month, this family knows all there is to know about dairy farming.

What’s a typical day like on your farm?

Ed:       Our day starts with morning chores from 5:00am-8: 30am with milking, bedding Friesen Family - Farm Photo - resizedand feeding the cows and calves. From 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-3: 30pm we do various tasks such as: animal care, record-keeping, barn and equipment maintenance and repair. At 4:00pm – 6:30pm we do our evening chores of milking, bedding & feeding the cows and calves. Finally at 10:30 pm we do an evening barn check. Our work is seasonal with fieldwork such as planting & harvesting hay, haylage & corn silage.

Did you always know that you wanted to have a dairy farm?

Ed:       I grew up on a dairy farm and was also employed on another dairy farm prior to purchasing our family farm. Farming has always been a dream of mine and a few years after we were married we began to actively search for our own farm. Kathy grew up on a mixed hog and grain farm and wasn’t anticipating being a farmer’s wife when we married.  However, the benefits of raising a family on the farm have far out-weighed the disadvantages.

What’s the best thing about being a dairy farmer?

Ed:       We enjoy the opportunity of being our own boss and working closely with our family. Dairy farming has also given me the opportunity to travel, as I have been involved in numerous dairy boards.  Currently, I chair the CanWest DHI board and vice-chair on the Canadian Dairy Network board.

 What’s one thing you want people to know about dairy farming?

Ed:       Most people don’t understand the level of care that we give our animals on a daily basis. Our goal is to provide a safe and nutritious product daily, and in order to do that we need to ensure our cows receive the best care and nutrition possible.

What’s your favorite dairy product? 

Kathy:   Yogurt – I have been making homemade yogurt almost weekly for well over a year now.  We enjoy our natural yogurt with fruit and homemade granola. It’s a great breakfast!

Family favourite ‘Dairy Best’ recipe: Belgian Waffles.


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