Dairy Farmers of Manitoba

For Parents

Elementary School Milk Program:
Parent brochure – School Lunches Made Easy

This brochure provides the framework for how to make a nutritious school lunch. Promote your school’s commitment to supporting nutrition, which includes offering a School Milk Program, by sending home this brochure with all students who stay at school for lunch.
*Copies of the brochure are included in every participating school’s School Milk Program kit.

*To order additional copies of the School Milk Program Parent Brochure contact us.


Elementary School Milk Program:
Information sheet –

SMP Promo Page - image
This information sheet lets parents and students know your school has a School Milk Program. It allows your school to add specific program information in the space provided. This sheet can be printed off or saved and emailed to parents. *We suggest sending this page along with the parent brochure OR the letter below. Download.

Elementary School Milk Program:
Letter to parents

This letter is an alternative to the information sheet above.  It introduces and describes the School Milk Program to parents and allows schools to indicate approximately how much money their child will need per day/week/month to purchase milk at school. Download.

School Lunches Made Easy:
Handout –

This handout includes simple steps to creating a school lunch for a traditional or balanced school day – a great resource to send home to parents: download