Dairy Farmers of Manitoba


Is Dairy Farmers of Manitoba a government organization?

No. Dairy Farmers of Manitoba is financed entirely by the dairy farmers in Manitoba.

Does the School Milk Program supply milk or purchase milk for the school?

The School Milk Program does not supply milk to schools. The School Milk Program encourages students to drink milk every day by making it fun and rewarding.

Does the School Milk Program subsidize milk?

The School Milk Program does not provide a subsidy for milk. Contact your school division to find out if nutrition support is available.  Nourishment programs such as Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba may also be able to provide nutrition support for your school. For additional sources of funding, click here.

Who is eligible to receive school milk program rewards?

All students who drink milk are eligible to win milk rewards.

What about students who do not purchase milk at school, but bring milk to school in their lunch or drink milk at home during lunch hour?

Whether a student is purchasing milk at school, bringing it from home, or enjoying milk at home with lunch, they are all eligible to participate. For students who drink milk at home during the lunch hour we recommend having the student fill out a milk ticket or ballot each time they drink milk, then have their parent or guardian sign and return the ballot to the school for the milk draw.

We would like all students to have an opportunity to win milk rewards. How can we do this?

Milk draws are only for students who drink milk during lunch hour. The purpose of the School Milk Program is to reward students for choosing milk. To involve all students in the school we would recommend applying for Milk Spirit Week.

Our school is kindergarten through Grade 12, can we run both Elementary and High School Milk Programs?

Participation in one or both programs depends on the number of students participating and drinking milk. If your school meets the minimum number of students participating in each program, you can absolutely run both programs! If your school does not meet the minimum number of students for each program, you will be asked to choose either the Elementary School Milk Program or the High School Milk Program. All students in the school (kindergarten through Grade 12) can participate in the program, regardless of which you choose. We recommend the High School Milk Program for small kindergarten through Grade 12 schools, as the milk rewards are more age appropriate for older students.

Our high school would prefer to not use the reveal and win cards. Is there another option?
Schools on the High School Milk Program do not have to use the reveal and win cards. If your school does not wish to use the cards, please contact us. Schools are responsible for returning the un-used cards to the School Milk Program. Once the cards have been returned, we will send additional rewards to replace the free milk included in the reveal and win cards. Without the cards, the program is run the same way as the Elementary School Milk Program – using a ballot and milk draw system.
We are a rural school and are having trouble getting milk delivered to the school.

Milk delivery service to schools in rural Manitoba is not always available. Please refer to the Milk Delivery Services in Rural Manitoba list. If delivery service is not available, we encourage your school to get creative! Check with your local grocery store or restaurants to see if they will order milk for the school.

The local store may deliver or may require a school volunteer to pick up the milk. If picking up the milk, remember that milk should be kept cold and returned to the refrigerator as soon as possible to avoid spoilage.