Dairy Farmers of Manitoba

What is the School Milk Program?

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The School Milk Program encourages positive behaviour

Participating in the School Milk Program means cold milk is available to students while at school. The Program provides an opportunity for students to develop the healthy habit of drinking milk while making it fun and rewarding!

The School Milk Program encourages good nutrition

  • Milk at breakfast or lunch helps provide the energy and nutrition students need to perform their best at school.
  • Children who consume milk at lunch are more likely to meet their bone-building nutritional needs. 

Benefits to schools participating in the School Milk Program:

  • Free milk rewards.
  • Free posters.
  • The opportunity to host a Milk Spirit Week and receive additional milk rewards.
  • Milk coordinator support with online resources and newsletters, as well as personal support from the School Milk Program Coordinator and Assistant. Contact us.

Did you know?

  • The Manitoba School Milk Program has been supporting healthy lunches in schools for 33 years.
  • There are approximately 425 schools in Manitoba that are currently running the School Milk Program.
  • More than 1,000 volunteers help run the Manitoba School Milk Program.
  • Thousands of Manitoba students benefit from the School Milk Program and enjoy cold, fresh, and nutritious milk at school.
  • Dairy Farmers of Manitoba (the parent organization and sponsor of the School Milk Program) donates to Winnipeg Harvest and is a supporter of the Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba. For more information on nourishment programs and grants visit the Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba: www.childnutritioncouncil.com